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Arts & Culture Enterprise Development

Access our skills to maximise commercial income or community impact in the arts, culture & heritage world, through digital and physical events and training and workshops to help build your ideas and projects.

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Representing & Advocacy

Our team makes sure that the arts & culture sector is represented at local authority and governmental level to ensure financial and strategic investment opportunities come into Somerset and to our local arts and culture providers.

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Digital Adoption & Marketing

The internet and all its services such as video, social media and marketing can be daunting for some and for others it just needs a strategic approach. That where we can help with a range of services custom to you.

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Creative Opportunities & Problem Sharing

We bring people together to do things they couldn’t do on their own, create shared opportunities and overcome shared problems together. We champion creative ways to create value for community and audience.

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Community & Business Intelligence

Every org or business needs to access ideas, funding and data. We offer ways of working through your project or setup and offer research, publications, resources, workshops, consultancies and events to help you grow.

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Connecting People & Organisations

SABCA helps arts, culture and heritage people to develop the confidence, find partners, link with national bodies, build imagination and skills needed to build meaningful connections with their communities and other providers.

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