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I have been involved in many of SABCA’s events and cannot think of a better organisation to support the arts and culture sector in Somerset. It goes from strength to strength. The vast knowledge and business support that I have seen practiced in both digital and physical environments are second to none. It is one of the most essential sector support groups in Somerset as we have a lot of arts, culture and creativity here and I support all their work now and in the future.

John Holden
Owner, CABiz

Every community org or business needs to access ideas, funding and data, so we offer fresh ways of working through your unique project or setup and offer research, digital publications, online resources, workshops, consultancies and events to help you grow.

Why? Because we all know that the arts and culture industry is very much project based and often requires a multitude of stakeholders, funding mix, and data that supports your project or organisation.

This is where we can help and with a little bit of investment in our consultancy services you could use community and business intelligence to help you succeed.

Providing Knowledge Exchange In:

Creative Industries
Finance, Funding & Pricing
Community Engagement & Data
National Agencies & Bodies
Business Planning & Development
Cultural Strategies & Projects

Helping You To Use Data

Here are just some of the reasons why you may use our community and business intelligence services and consultancy:

  • Help to develop a funding or grant proposal 
  • To add kudos to your business plan or proposal
  • To show stakeholders that you know the audiences you are trying to reach
  • To help you and your organisation to understand better the community you serve 
  • To cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Help tell your story and the impact you have and how this connects to the bigger picture

What Others Say

  • Data 1 – Didn’t Know How to Find Supporting Data
  • Data 2 – Knew Little About Data Making a Difference

Survey data taken from the many events and consultations provided by SABCA 2018-2020

Popular FAQ

Firstly, get in touch using our contact page and give us a brief overview of your project or setup. From there we can advise what resources, data, references and other items you may need to bolster your project or organisation. 

Making an initial inquiry costs nothing. Once our advisor has made potential suggestions, which may include free resources, they will also advise any fee for potential work. 

If you feel you need further assistance with associated activities such as funding applications, business plans, proposals or public stakeholder events then we can help with that too. Just get in touch.

Looking for a First-Class Business Plan or Community Project Consultant?

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