The Search Is On For Somerset’s Creative People & Places

Are you an artist, musician, band, gallery, theatre, venue, tutor or community group that contributes to the creativity of Somerset? If so, not-for-profit organisation ‘Somerset Arts Business Cultural Alliance’ (SABCA) is mapping all arts, culture, heritage and creative industries in Somerset and needs your help.

The county wide mapping, supported by all Somerset local authorities, is designed to paint a picture of the creative sector and how it contributes to those who live, work and play in the county. With the addition of sharing your work and services to the public for free, Somerset’s creative people and places can make an impact locally while encouraging others to join, partake or visit in creative arts and culture activity.

Andrew Knutt, chair and director of SABCA said:

“Somerset and its towns are defined by its arts and culture sector: It’s cultural organisations, artists, musicians, performers, community groups and proud history of creative expression are a crucial part of Somerset’s identity, vitality, and social and economic growth. It’s time to shout out about and to help it grow. But we need to know who and where these creative people and places are, so we can inform governments and agencies to invest and support it; especially since Covid”.

Not only do SABCA consider the subsidised cultural sector but also the commercial, amateur and participatory which, after all, are where most people find their cultural engagement. They are interested not just in publicly-funded concert halls, art galleries, theatres and museums, important as these are; but also, commercial film, music and literature; young people getting together in a band, amateur choirs, local art clubs and reading groups, and people crafting at home or in local clubs; as well as those engaging in prisons, hospitals and care homes.

“This sector has consistently been overlooked, yet its economic importance has become exceptionally clear in the current Covid crisis. The visitor economy in Somerset is worth £1.3bn and the creative sector is an integral part of this, with associated employment highly significant.” Said Giles Adams, Chair of Visit Somerset.

SABCA is calling out to the following arts and culture disciplines (not exhaustive list): Dance, Literature, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, etc.) Community Group, Film & Media, Events, Comedy, Creative Writing, Disco/DJ, Food & Craft, Public Garden, History & Heritage, Festivals, Traditional Arts, Teaching, Consultancy, Tourism, Design, Photography, Making & Producing, General Entertainment, Venues & Galleries and many more.

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