YOUNG SOMERSETOur vision is to increase and sustain the importance of the arts to the economy, by supporting the next generations of creative young people to do this.

Young Somerset, as the sector leader for youth work in Somerset, wants to build on its existing arts and music work – offering further and enhanced opportunities for young people to engage in creativity. Many of the young people we support are unlikely to think of themselves as creators or artists and we want to challenge their perceptions, break down their barriers to engagement, and offer them a transformational experience.

Achieved through Young Somerset’s 5 strands of Arts delivery:

1) Young Somerset’s Arts Company. (Young Peoples Interdisciplinary Touring Arts Company)

2) Rural Music Network Project (Young Peoples Music Performance & Development Programme)

3) Arts & Wellbeing (Qualified Wellbeing Practitioners deliver Arts and Wellbeing programmes to young people and parents)

4) Bert Jansch Studio @ The Cheese and Grain (To develop the Bert Jansch Studio to serve as a high-quality Music Development Service for all communities in the South West. (Community groups including: Geographical, Urban/Rural, Groups, Individuals, Institutions, Organisations, Business, Voluntary, Statutory & Corporate Sectors, The Music Industry, Young People, Adults, Professionals, in and out of training, education and employment).

5) Arts Showcase (Enhance creative and professional opportunities for children and young people across Somerset. Build confidence and social skills for young people. Potential to work with specific groups (i.e young carers, school groups, NEET young people, county lines involvement, other identified groups in the county) Re-build communities after effect of pandemic. Cross sectoral collaboration. Show case work of young people and the organisation to community and funders. Support and protect arts sector across Somerset.

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