We are Somerset’s theatre company.

Our name ‘Wassail’ literally means “good health”, from the Old English word was hál. It is also evocative of cultural traditions in the south west of England and, in particular, Somerset.

We value the unique diversity of communities that make Somerset the place it is. We stand for equality, representation and inclusion for all.

Our mission is to use theatre as a catalyst for creating healthy, culturally connected communities.

We achieve our mission by creating brilliant projects, removing as many barriers to access as possible. Our venues include community settings across Somerset such as: in pubs, village halls, homes, shops, cafes, bus shelters, butcher shops, schools & libraries as well as outdoor spaces.

When we refer to Somerset, we mean the ceremonial county which includes Somerset, North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset.

We believe that anyone can be an artist, and that we are all always audiences.

Our manifesto and our values guide our work. They are our tools for ensuring quality and excellence in everything we do. They are also reflected in our creative process.

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