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I have been involved in many of SABCA’s events and cannot think of a better organisation to support the arts and culture sector in Somerset. It goes from strength to strength. The vast knowledge and business support that I have seen practiced in both digital and physical environments are second to none. It is one of the most essential sector support groups in Somerset as we have a lot of arts, culture and creativity here and I support all their work now and in the future.

John Holden
Owner, CABiz

As a organiser of several music events & clubs in Somerset we have had the privilege of getting support from SABCA. The updated regular resources and links to further funding and knowing what’s going on in the industry has helped us considerably & it has been great to belong to a network that has the business of arts and culture at the heart of what they do. This mapping and directory is just one way they are helping to secure a future for Somerset’s arts & culture.

Steve Keniston
Somerset Music Events

To help us bring great acts and entertainment to Taunton plus provide a central point for all community activity I support the Reclaim the Mecca Bingo campaign and with Castle Green next door we can provide indoor and outdoor entertainment for the community and visitors to our town.

Todd Hirsch

I have lived here all my life and with my own children and aging parents I want to ensure that they all get equal opportunities to live in a place that has community, arts and culture at its heart.

Andrew Knutt

I would welcome the ability to visit Taunton to hear orchestral concerts, watch ballet and possibly opera or operetta. If the theatre were able to attract a broad and diverse programme of events I am sure it would serve all strands of society.

Ken Henton
Burnham On Sea

This isn’t going to attract the really big names who need arenas to perform in, but it will deliver the next best thing.

Peter Corson

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