Taunton High Street All Weather Shelter

Enabling a new lease of life for the High Street, traders, shops, community and tourism offer while making use of local assets that are cost effective
Innovation in High Streets

High Street All Weather Shelter

Working with local businesses, trade groups, market traders and market organisers, we believe the High Street and indeed our night time offer needs some kind or reinvention.

We understand online shopping has changed the High Street but also understand that going out at night needs to be safe, family friendly and a public space that brings the community together, and what better than using food, drink and entertainment to achieve this.

After analysing the most cost effective solution we believe that by making the High Street in Taunton all weather proof we open up a whole range of possibilities. Yes, it must look the part and fit with existing infrastructure and regulations, but if achievable would put Taunton on the map for being innovative in reigniting our High Street and bring local and other people to experience something new.

This is just an idea and requires a serious study to see if it is viable, which we want to do along with devising its uses and programme its events so all can benefit.

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We do not know what this shelter will look like until our studies are done but here shown left are pictures of what kind of shelters are possible.

Great Ideas for All

What We Would Use It For – What Are Your Ideas?

  • Friday & Saturday Night Food & Drink Market – Imagine entering Taunton High Street of an evening to be confronted with the amazing smells of food, the chatter of people, the twinkle of fairy lights and a mild hustle and bustle of friends meeting for drinks, sitting in areas just people watching, and families trying new food with their grandparents. Sprinkled with the odd entertainment and music night times in Taunton will never be the same again. Open to the late hours of the night we could breathe new life to the community, town or trade. Not forgetting the benefits to existing day markets.
  • Special Pop-up Events – With a permanent shelter there will be opportunities for all sorts of pop up events in the High Street. From community events, street concerts, specific trade events and many more. Suddenly the High Street is programmed with lots for local and visiting people to see and do.


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