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Creating Economic & Community Prosperity Through Creativity & Culture & Supporting Businesses & Those Who Deliver Arts & Culture

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We Care for Taunton's
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And Create Programmes and Campaigns That Make Sense & Help Grow The Town Centre & Local Economy

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Supporting Businesses &
Creative Practitioners

Through Business Advice, Event Co-creation, Partnerships, Skills Development, Advice, Mentoring, Workshops & networks

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About Us

Taunton Arts Business Cultural Alliance

We believe Taunton and its communities are defined by its arts and culture sector: Our cultural organisations, artists, musicians, performers and proud history of creative expression are a crucial part of our identity, vitality, and economic growth. As a membership and service organisation working on behalf of this sector, we believe in supporting the growth of arts organisations and their audiences and bringing back a thriving town centre.

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Our Objectives

Services & Campaigns to Make Taunton Great

Taunton Arts Business Cultural Alliance is a group of citizens, community groups, businesses and advocates who have a strong desire to have a say in what they want for Taunton and build a proactive inclusive arts and culture community. Simply scroll down to see our campaigns and join today to make our voice stronger.

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Long Term Objective

New Multi-Purpose Venue

Feasibility & investment into building a new venue for arts, business, culture & community use for Taunton. This is not a new idea, but with such a variety of entertainment that a venue needs to offer, a static theatre is no longer the preferred venue for events that range from DJay Nights, classical orchestras, trade shows, theatre, music, festivals, food & drink events, even fairs, indoor markets and sports events. Taunton Arts Business Cultural Alliance is campaigning and working with many local groups and residents to bring this vision to life for Taunton.

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Safe Nights Out

High Street All Weather Shelter

The night time economy supports many jobs and plays a role in all towns and cities throughout the UK. Working with local businesses and commerce groups we hope to bring the High Street alive at night with the smell of food and drink street traders, entertainment and sounds of happy families being able to enjoy a great night out in a safe and clean environment. It’s innovative but can be used for so many activities. This in turn will bring traders to empty shops in the area and breath a new life for local people and help us develop a reputation for being the best place to visit for night time experiences.

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Bringing People Together

Community Programmes

We want to deliver free and some paid live music events in all our green spaces especially within Castle Green and Vivary Park. But there are great green spaces in our communities too and many who aren’t mobile who live in them, such as Priorswood, Galmington, Holway can’t always get to town. We want to bring these communities together by using arts and culture and will deliver a mini-festival to each area. We need to raise funds for purchasing equpiment so local arts and culture providers can deliver great events to Taunton communities and the town centre.

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Supporting Our Rural District

Village Culture Programme

Our rural villages in Taunton Deane can at times be starved of arts and culture with not much to do locally, which means people and communities don’t get together. By working with churches, village halls, and providers we aim to provide a programme of events and support great entertainment, theatre, music and more. This needs organising and marketing so we need to find public and private money to support the employment of those who will take on these tasks. Resulting in an all inclusive programme no matter where you live in Taunton Deane.

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Long Term Objective

Reclaim Mecca Bingo Building

Feasibility & Investment into Obtaining The Mecca Bingo Hall (also known as the Gaumont) for Arts, Business, Culture & Community Use for Taunton. This is not a new idea and over 7 years ago Taunton Deane Borough Council agreed to support the idea of the Mecca Bingo Hall being used again for entertainment when a local group of people drove a campaign to bring it back as one of Taunton’s civic centres. Taunton Arts Business & Cultural Alliance is now campaigning again and working with many local groups and councillors to rekindle this much-needed asset of Taunton.

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Supporting All Ages & Families

Creative Community Spaces

We know that Taunton needs a place with many rooms so we can accommodate community group activities, deliver workshops, support mums, toddlers, health and well-being activities, vocational and hobby events and create a culture and atmosphere that brings people together. We believe the Mecca Bingo Hall is ideal for this and one way to partner with other groups to bring a collective approach to delivery. Once established these services could travel to other area of the district and make Taunton a place for the people who strive for a happy proactive community focused life.

See Mecca Scheme

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