Our Aims & Objectives for Great Arts & Culture

Take time to read our aims and mission and what we do for the arts and culture sector and all for the benefit of community, towns and county

A Culture Of Creativity & Growth for Somerset

Somerset Arts Business & Cultural Alliance (SABCA) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company No.12197272, and an innovate and creative organisation that understands that arts and culture can bring many benefits. From economic ones to place making ones. From community cohesion to supporting the young and old. From boosting the creative industries beyond county boundaries to health and well-being. Its benefits extend out further into areas of national, local and personal life than any other activity we do in society.

A Proactive Organisation

What We Do

We support and develop the arts and culture sector and organisations so they can become more enterprising and see how being more business-like can bring economic success and longevity. We achieve this through skills development, advice, mentoring, workshops, self-help groups and networks.


We deliver arts and culture programmes using local assets for public consumption, which in turn assists in our financial sustainability while ensuring a comprehensive cultural programme throughout the county and its town and villages. Supporting tourism and economic growth.


We develop business focused arts and culture strategies that use local assets to create social interaction in public spaces and a marketing focused town centre development plan and set services to maximise local business investments such as Business Improvement Districts (BID) and similar investment schemes. We support a strong digital strategy for the sector and bring skills to those who need it.


Not only do we consider the subsidised cultural sector but also the commercial, amateur and participatory which, after all, are where most people find their cultural engagement. We are interested not just in publicly-funded concert halls, art galleries, theatres and museums, important as these are; but also commercial film, music and literature; young people getting together in a band, amateur choirs, local art clubs and reading groups, and people crafting at home or in local clubs; as well as those engaging in prisons, hospitals and care homes.


Made up of individuals and organisations working within communities and businesses that provide arts and culture services, Somerset BACA will enable the arts and culture sectors to support each other and to contribute in a structured way. Providing future cultural development of Somerset over the coming years and decades.


Within Somerset Arts Business & Cultural Alliance, individual strands represent the different disciplines of Dance, Film, Literature, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, Community, Food & Craft, History & Heritage, Festivals, Traditional Arts and many more.


We operate as a county wide organisation and encourage local groups in all towns to become group members of SABCA. For instance, the county town Taunton (Taunton ABCA) is a group member and works on the district of Taunton Deane issues, needs, opportunities and challenges with the support of Somerset BACA.

Art experiences in galleries and public spaces can engage new ideas and release creativity in individuals

With a fresh new approach to managing and working on a county scale arts and culture can succeed and make Somerset a great place to work, visit and play but doing it together means we can share resources and success

Supporting live music is essential for the young and old and provides a great experience for all people
Vision & Strategy

Our Aims

Our key aim is to make Somerset a vibrant place of arts and culture. To invite the nation and its people to experience this arts and culture which in return uplifts economic growth. To achieve this, we aim to support organisations, groups and communities who deliver arts and culture.


We aim to support the case for arts and culture investment from both private and public perspectives. We will be the voice of the people and regularly canvas the local population to help investment decisions and deliver a democratic evidence base to local councils and other public bodies.


Our Mission

To develop strong partnership links with Somerset County Council and other public bodies to help deliver their aims and work together to support arts and culture in Somerset. To invest in the arts and culture sector and develop a business focused industry that delivers diverse cultural activity, bringing communities and consumers together for great cultural experiences.


To develop the economic case and provide a range of services that enhance footfall and community cohesion.