Practical Guide to Starting & Running Ecommerce

If you’re intending to sell on the internet through an ecommerce store then you will most likely employ a web designer to make an ecommerce store for you. But understanding ecommerce and running an online store is another matter. And that’s what our ecommerce course does – it explains in real business terms how to make an ecommerce store successful. So whether you’re a new or existing business starting or enhancing an online store then this course is ideal for you.


In Detail


Ecommerce is a great way to sell products but not everyone does it well or fully understands what could be done to achieve more sales but now this course will provide all you need to know to start trading online.


You will learn all you need to know about planning, implementing, administration, credit card payments, search engines, marketing, and delivery. Plus, practical sessions that give you hands-on experience with a live ecommerce store, as well as quick ways to edit images; even photography tips. Learn about the legal side, packaging and get great tips and advice on how to keep your ecommerce active with customers.


At the end of the day you will know everything you need to know about running an ecommerce store, gain confidence in the Internet markets, be technically savvy enough to know what you want and be able to plan your business effectively.


With other like-minded entrepreneurial and business start-ups’ you’ll also get the chance to discuss in detail questions you have about creating and running an ecommerce business. Finishing off with a focus on what’s really important to you as a business owner.


Be prepared to go away with a new sense of confidence and an array of ideas and resources you never knew was there.


You will learn about:


1. The Business Perspective

2. Design Principles

3. Types of Ecommerce Solutions

4. Taking Payments

5. Domain Name & Hosting

6. Search Engines

7. Setting Out Navigation

8. Creative Writing That Sells

9. Photographs & Images

10. Administrating a Store

11. Up Selling

12. Security

13. Is Your Store Flexible

14. Packaging

15. Delivery & Couriers

16. Marketing & Online Advertising

17. Resources and Budgets

18. Search Engine Optimisation

19. Submitting to Search Engines

20. Google Local & Sitemaps

21. Selling Through Other Sites

22. The Legal Issues


Who’s It For


This workshop is for those who are thinking about starting an ecommerce business or social enterprise as well as new businesses that have not yet fully utilised business resources and ecommerce solutions available to them. This course is also ideal for those that have started a business but wish to take it to the next level or wish to have a better understanding of marketing and running an ecommerce store and wish to take full advantage of the internet and other support resources for businesses.


Attendee Benefits


Attendees will go away with a better understanding of ecommerce business and what resources they could tap into to drive their business forward and make more money. You will go away with knowledge and short cuts to new business development as well as a range of resources and tools to help you start or advance your business to the next level. You will find useful contacts and websites to use as well as a chance to overcome some of the stumbling blocks to business development.


What You Need To Bring


Pen and paper or optional iPad or laptop if you wish to investigate resources as they are presented.


About Your Tutor


This workshop is written and delivered by Andrew Knutt who has 18 years’ experience in business, IT, marketing, the Internet and other related technologies. Andrew is an associate of the Institute of Business Consulting, Fellow of the RSA, UK Web Design Association, a qualified business advisor and has created and run over 4 successful businesses.


Andrew is also director of design agency ADK Design, associate director of Core Business Design and co-founder and director of Creative Innovation Centre CIC.


Over the years Andrew has delivered many workshops, seminars and courses on starting a business, IT, design, the Internet, ecommerce, social media and business development; helping 100’s of small businesses make the most of business planning and technology.


Andrew’s reputation as a positive, upbeat and passionate presenter is also a great experience for all who attend his workshops; each going away with enthusiasm and confidence.


Cost per person £35 (includes food and drink).


Booking is now closed. This event was held in 2016 and has passed. Interested in attending future ones? Join our membership for free.

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