Call for Proposals: A Series of Artistic Comissions – EXTENDED, Falmouth and Exeter Universities

Falmouth and Exeter Universities would like to extend the invitation to artists and designers to work with their students and staff to produce high quality contemporary art, installations or designs that function in or as, social spaces, to enhance interactivity on site at the Penryn Campus.


Proposed sites/Areas of focus


Art on the island – on the approach to the Campus there is and island, in front of the reception area and opposite the bus shelters. This could be a sculptural installation, it should be imaginative and robust enough for a public space.


Around the Stannary and Heart working with the proposed configuration of the new ‘Social Space’ – this is the area around the new reception and canteen that has building plans to be for students to eat, meet, work and engage with social events.
A unified design for bike, bus and smoking shelters – there are existing shelters but it is felt that these could be improved and given a new creative thought and unity.
An open project, finding spaces for improvement – this offers the opportunity to recognise a missing element on the Campus. It could be a project that affects the whole campus like a lighting design or a space, which has a function that could be enhanced to improve the experience of the Campus.




There are four opportunities, each offering a fee of £3000 – £8000 per project, based on the four areas of focus previously outlined.
Submission requirements:


Each proposal should be for ONE of the areas for focus only.
A short proposal of no more than 500 wordsoutlining concept, materials, timings, budget, methods of engagement, meaningful participation and the legacy of the work should be submitted.
Please illustrate your proposal with relevant images to give the ‘look and feel’ of the project or send simple drawings to help demonstrate.
Please include a selected CV,one A4 sheet only.


Closing date: Midnight 30 July 2017


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