Arts Council – Next Ten Year Strategy 2020-2030 Feedback

Arts Council England has published a report detailing feedback from the cultural sector and the wider public on its strategy for 2020-30.


BritainThinks was commissioned in February 2018 to undertake a review of how the arts,
museums and libraries sector has progressed since 2010. Specifically, this review centred
on the following key areas:


• Perceptions of, and understanding of quality in the arts and culture sector;

• Engagement in arts and culture; and

• Resilience and sustainability of the arts and culture sector.


This report summarises the evidence collated and reviewed, highlighting key themes and
trends within the evidence to help Arts Council England’s future strategy development.


Throughout the report, ‘sector’ is used to refer both to the organisations working within arts
and culture and their employees, as appropriate to the context.


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